Take Action to Help Dogs in Illinois - Protect Our Pets Illinois

Take Action to Help Dogs in Illinois

Please ask Illinois legislators to oppose a “humane-washing” bill, Senate Bill 1230, that fails to help dogs. There are several problems with SB 1230:

  1. SB1230 does not address the conditions and care of animals at breeders;
  2. SB1230 contains no animal welfare language and merely changes a legal technicality;
  3. SB1230 fuels the black market for dogs and dog trafficking into our state.


How to Quickly Submit a Witness Slip

A “witness slip” is an important way to register your opposition to this legislation. Here’s how:

  1. Click this link to go to the Illinois General Assembly’s webpage.
  2. Fill out the Identification. For “Firm” and “Title” pages, you can write “Self.”
  3. Complete the Representation section. You can write “Self” if not representing an organization.
  4. Select “Opponent” for the Position section.
  5. Check “Record of Appearance Only.”
  6. Check that you agree to the IGLA terms.
  7. Click “Create slip.”

Thank you for taking action!